Essay On Gun Violence In Schools

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Many schools in today’s society suffer from shootings at some point while children are attending school. Shootings in schools are not a new occurrence, and America has dealt with multiple shootings in public schools in which the lives of many children and teachers have been undeservingly taken (Elliott 528). Because of school shootings, this leaves our children in danger with no way to protect themselves. Gun violence in schools is an evident problem, and there are several ways to reduce the number of incidents, such as mental health screening for owners of guns, interconnectedness of communities, and more school funding. The problem with gun violence in schools has existed for years, and something should be done to eliminate the problem that endangers students who attend schools every day. One recent incident with gun violence in schools occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary School where several young children were killed and many others injured (Elliott 529). Also, a bombing incident in 1927 killed thirty-seven children and was likely the start of school gun violence (Elliott 529). Children, who attend schools, sometimes do not feel safe because of the problem with gun…show more content…
Increasing the funding of schools would help establish more school resource officers and help equip them with better equipment. With more school funding, schools would be better prepared for gun violence catastrophes that could occur, and they would have a much better emergency plan in preparation for these events. With a better emergency plan for events such as gun violence, the lives of many children could be saved. An increase in school funding is almost certainly the best solution to gun violence in schools because there will always be mentally ill people that have a gun, and there is no way to stop this from happening, but there is a way to prepare for such events, which is better school
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