Essay On Gun Violence

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Title: Gun Violence

As I write this introduction, I am like millions of others watching the tragedy in Louisiana and Alabama caused by hurricane Katrina. A small but important part of the devastation and the challenge is the existence of individuals and groups of citizens from the area mostly impacted by the storm who used guns against their neighbours and those attempting to assist them. In any other industrialised nation, this will never happen because it will eventually cause the level of socialisation to decline due to the issue pertaining citizens getting the ready access towards guns. Most likely, gun violence is categorised as the most highly anticipated violence around the world because it is growing rapidly and causes
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I strongly believe that what causes gun violence is the result of the constitution that grants an individual the right to bear firearms fro protection, if not it will be against the law for any body to get hold of a small weapon for protection in the case where by it only promotes danger and possible criminal activities. Why do people need guns for protection? Isn’t there any proper way to protect oneself without using firearms? Why the violence too? These are all possible questions that people should consider and realise before buying these weapons. Actually if the number of people with handguns should be reduced and also the complexity with illegal gun trafficking will be reduced too, the rate of gun violence will be extremely…show more content…
“The high rate of gun ownership probably explains why the high rate of gun violence is occurring” (Michael Moore). In his documentary for columbine, he affirms that the more people buy guns for protection, the more the violence will rise because there will be a lot of mis confrontations and fighting. In conclusion the rate of homicide and murder is growing substantially, discrimination and segregation contributes to the high rate of gun violence in enormous

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