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History Essay Title CHECK FOR POSITION OF FOOTNOTE AFTER PERIOD The expedition of the East given to Vasco da Gama by King Manuel in 1497 is a prime example demonstrating the results of gunpowder transforming Europe, as it allowed him to set forceful deals with other nations after destroying their navy with their superior cannons and boats. Even though the East invented an early version of gunpowder, they neglected the improvement of it, as they believed it is noisy, low and dirty business. It is the Europeans who find success with gunpowder. The Europeans develop gunpowder to the point that it becomes the central feature of European overseas expansion. Although the European’s usage of gunpowder played a significant role in conquering land from the 15th century to the 19th century, it is their…show more content…
As it transformed the size and shape of boats for naval warfare that allowed for heavy cannons to be fired. Prior to the introduction of Capital ships with cannons, Europe mainly used galley ships, however, to be useful, galleys had to be transformed to be able to support cannon warfare. For example, galleys increased in size and got rid of the trademark ram to enable the support of cannons - the structure of galleys were remodeled entirely just for cannons, therefore, displaying early signs that the use gunpowder could influence the military world. Galleys did suffer from multiple drawbacks, as they were limited in effective range, still depended on oars, and most importantly, their weak ability to fight using cannons, because of this galley did not last. As it was not sustainable to maintain boats as inefficient as them.Yet, the transformation and failure of the galley were necessary for boat evolution as it leads to the Capital ship because of the drawbacks that the galleys could not overcome even after the improvements, there was a need for a new type of
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