Essay On Guns On Campus

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The debate over whether or not citizens should be allowed to carry guns on college campuses has two very different sides. One side of the argument revolves around the Second Amendment and personal freedom. The other side of the debate fears guns being allowed on college campuses is a recipe for disaster. Taking both sides into account, the question of whether or not guns belong on college campuses remains. Do guns being on college campuses protect students and faculty or put them in harm’s way? While the argument for guns on campus can be compelling, the answer is ultimately that guns do put students and faculty in danger. Therefore, guns absolutely do not belong on college campuses. A major argument that those who are for guns on campuses use is that students and faculty would be able to protect themselves in a situation where another person is shooting on campus. However, individuals…show more content…
It’s a proven fact that college students are likely to be stressed, can feel isolated and out of place because of their new environment, and tend to use substances like drugs or alcohol. All of these factors can lead to an increase in the likelihood of college students committing suicide (“Suicide Statistics”). According to some statistics, “fifty-four percent of completed suicides are done by firearm” (“Suicide Statistics”). The increased access to guns that allowing them on campus would cause could lead to an increase in suicide on college campuses. Finally, the most important part of college is learning. However, the concept of there being guns on campus is very likely to interrupt learning. In order to have a successful learning environment, everyone involved has to be able to discuss touchy subjects without fear of retaliation. Guns could make a student or teacher fearful of being open and hinder a learning environment, which goes against exactly what colleges are for (“Why Our Campuses Are
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