Essay On Gypsy Twins

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Gypsy Twins at Auschwitz “What he quickly discovered was that the twins did not die from natural causes; they had been injected with chloroform directly into their hearts”- anecdote from Miklos Nyiszli, Jewish assistant of Josef Mengele. Throughout the Holocaust there have been many tragic and horrendous events. Some of these acts occurred at the work camp Auschwitz. This includes the terrible experiments that were commited by Josef Mengele on Gypsy twins. Thousands of twins died during this time because of Mengele’s obsession of twins and of the many unknown experiments that they had to go through. Gypsies were sent to auschwitz because of the persecution directed towards them.
During the Holocaust many German people disliked the Gypsies. They believed that they were less than they were and said that they had an increased criminal rate. Many said the same about the other groups that were victims of the Holocaust as well. This led to the inclusion of the Gypsies in the Holocaust and them being sent to the concentration camps. One of these camps was Auschwitz, one of the most notorious camps throughout the Holocaust. At Auschwitz many people died from the harsh conditions, experiments, or immediately by the gas chambers; however, one of the groups of victims with some survivors of the deplorable acts were the Gypsy twins. Josef Mengele, a
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This anecdote is a powerful way to describe the horrors that they faced. They went through prosecution, experiments, and death. Gypsy twins who were at auschwitz went through horrible events that were conducted by Josef Mengele. These ghastly experiences will forever leave these people scared physically and mentally for the rest of their lives, and the phantoms of these terrors will forever haunt everyone
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