Essay On Habitat Destruction

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How can we help to prevent habitat destruction? Global perspective As the world is evolving, it is becoming overpopulated, which causes many problems such as habitat destruction. Nowadays, humans give more priority to industries that focus on helping the world develop such as fashion and technology. People are unaware of and thus underestimate the consequences of damaging the environment -also known as habitat destruction. However, these consequences do not only apply to animals but also in human life. Habitat destruction happens when the habitats are being damaged by human activities in the industrial world such as animal agriculture and lumberjacking. (Federation, n.d.) Consequently, there are fewer places left that animals can live.…show more content…
After looking into habitat destruction, I discovered that because of humans have been using too many plastic bags and afterwards have thrown them into the water, it has resulted in the death of approximately 100 thousand marine creatures. (Good, 2016) Plastic is a very harmful substance, and a lot of marine animals mistake it as jellyfish. Therefore, it causes them indigestion and consequently, a very painful death. (Animal Friends Croatia, n.d.) There are about 1 trillion plastic bags are used per year around the world. (Crusaders, n.d.) If this figure continues to increase, the lives of many animals will be at risk; and I find that unacceptable. To prevent wasting plastic and habitat destruction, I will use paper instead and recycle them as many times as possible. After researching on this essay, it has completely changed the way I look at the problem. I now realized that habitat destruction and deforestation are so harmful, and that natural life is being damaged due to the selfishness of humans. As a student, I will put my optimal effort to studying and creating projects to raise awareness and help the people around me acknowledge this issue. Altogether, animals are creatures of majesty and aesthetics of the planet; and we as humans have a duty to live in harmony and peace with
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