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INTRODUCTION Aforementioned understanding fragmentation of habitat, the terms habitat and fragmentation must be properly demarcated. Habitat is defined as an area with all suitable resources like food, shelter and water etc. and feasible environmental conditions i.e. temperature, presence or absence of predators, competitors and precipitation necessary for the survival of a species and supports reproduction. Fragmentation is defined as the disruption or interruption in continuity. So habitat fragmentation can be stated as, “The comprehensive procedure by which habitat loss results in the partition of large, continuous habitats into a greater number of smaller patches of lower total area, secluded from each other by a milieu of disparate habitats, and is not just the pattern of spatial arrangement of remaining habitat.” The term habitat fragmentation comprises of five…show more content…
It turns out to be significant, however, to recognize the relative prominence of these several aspects as well as the contradictory effects of these aspects. In addition to these factors, habitat fragmentation frequently occurs due to humanoid actions for instance building new roads, car parking lots, and housing developments. Entities require their precise habitation for subsistence, and fragmentation is a prominent threat to many terrestrial animals. These animals are not only parted from the resources they are dependent on, but also now they have to move through precarious zones such as roads to reach those resources, for example, by a road cutting through a forest or other primeval expanse. The animals on one side of the road might now be obstructed from travelling to areas on the other

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