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The life of a god, is it really all that great? Hades is one of the better known gods from greek mythology. His life and many other greek gods were fully of weird trials and several hard times. Hades was the greek god of the underworld and one of the six children of Cronus. His parents were the two titan Cronus and Rhea, while his siblings Zeus, Poseidon, Demeter, Hera, and Hestia. Also even though there 's not many myths on Chiron (a mythical centaur) he was the first child of Rhea and Cronus. Cronus fear the godly powers of his kids so from a young age he trapped them. This worked until the birth of Zeus. Zeus was saved by Rhea and sent to live on Earth. Eventually he devised a plan to rescue his siblings. His planned worked and began the 10 year long war between the gods and Cronus. When this battle begun the gods were all given a tool, weapon, apparel, and ect. Hades was given the helmet of darkness which grants the wearer the power…show more content…
The first myth tells us how the seasons came about. Demeter was the goddess of fertility and crops. When she was searching for her daughter is winter because the ground in this time had no fertility. Next would be summer spring, summer, and fall. These would be the nine months the two together. The fertility levels go down as their time together shortens. The next story would be that Hades was also none as good of fertility due to the reunion, which caused the most fertil season ever. Some more interesting myths about Hades would involve his job which involves punishing those who don 't deserve to go to the evil half of the under world. The most well known example would be of a man named Sisphus who attempted to cheat the rules of death. When Zeus found out of that someone committed one of the largest offenses against the gods he took to Hades and told him to have no mercy. The punishment was that Sisyphis had to push a boulder up an hill with no chance of success. More myths he was in was the 12 hardships of
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