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Hair dryers are primarily used to dry a person's hair and are generally classed as an accessory for a woman but does not need to be. It is used to dry your hair but at the same time, it is also used to style your hair and create extra volume as you would like. It works by having a strong fan that blows hot air through your hair. It sounds quite simple but there is some technology involved to make sure that your hair is not dried out and damaged and over the years this technology has improved a lot.

Hair dryers are essential in the everyday use of styling your hair, drying and especially in hairdressing used to make your hair look exceptionally beautiful. The hair dryers come with different attachments and work in different ways with temperature settings that suit your requirements. They come in different sizes and you get models made for travelling and for more permanent use in the home.

•They differ in price and it is worth looking at what the price offers because some brands are very expensive but some of the less well-known hair dryers could suit your needs at a more affordable price

•Features are almost all the same but it is worth that the temperature and attachments that you are purchasing are what you would like.
•Manufacturer and warranty needs to be considered especially when it comes to
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(0.5kg). Like most of the high-end models, it is a ceramic tourmaline dryer with far-infrared rays which penetrate the cuticle of the hair drying it from the inside out. RUSK is rated as the best professional dryer and is the first choice of salons all over the world. The RUSK hair dryer is infused with both ceramic and tourmaline giving the best results for straightening hair and can be used for thick as well as thin hair. With the Far- infrared technology it dries hair much faster without damaging

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