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With trends changing constantly, and the need to keep up with them especially when it comes to hair trends, they are some risky business! However, thanks to hair extensions you can keep up with any hair trend without having any regrets because hair extension options are temporary. Following are the different methods of hair extensions:

Semi permanent, weft.
Micro-weave: it consists of hair weft and micro ring attachments. Strands of the hair extensions are weaved through the natural hair and the rings are clasped shut to hold the extensions in place.
Pros:- this method uses no heat or gluing so it does not damage the hair. The extensions can be adjusted according to individual’s preference. They are reusable and easy to wash.
Cons:- these extensions are not preferable for short or fine hair as they can pull on hair and
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Tape in hair: this method requires double sided taped extensions. The extension is taped on a section of the hair and held up and the second extension is taped under, sandwiching the hair between extensions.
Pros:- this is the quickest method to apply extensions. Does not use heating tools, less damage to hair. The extensions are reusable.
Cons:- can not wash hair or sweat for at least the first 2 days of application since the tape needs to develop a strong hold on the hair. Using oil or oil based products causes the extensions to lose their hold.
Tiny locks:- tiny micro rings with the hair extensions are attached to small partitions of natural hair strands and then the rings are clasped shut for a strong hold.
Pros:- the extensions do not slip off easily, and can be styled in any possible way. Furthermore, they work perfectly even for people who have thin hair. These extensions are reusable.
Cons:- can pull on hair and cause breakage. Moreover, only professionals can remove them. Hot fusion keratin bonds: it requires a silicon lined U-tip keratin bond that attaches the extension to hair roots using a heating

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