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Hair Growth: 7 Natural Tips to Make Your Hair Grow Faster

Going all natural is best. Leaving behind expensive, chemical heavy hair products for more natural remedies, can only be good for your hair. Nature is always the best provider when it comes to your hair. Protein is the basic building block of your body. Your hair no different. In the case of hair, the protein involved is called keratin. This protein is primarily used and produced in your hair follicles. Hair is actually the accumulation of dead hair cells that have been pushed through the scalp at the opening of the follicles. Your hair will grow about 6 inches over a year. Did you know every day you lose about a 100 strands of hair per day? This sounds like a cause to panic, but you must realize adults have about 100000 to 150000 on
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Coconut Milk

According to experts one of the most effective natural hair growth remedies is coconut milk. I am sure you have seen how popular it is. Its effectiveness is based on its iron, potassium and essential fats richness. For this to work at its best, you must use fresh coconuts and, so you cannot buy it. You should then squeeze some lemon and 4 drops of lavender essential oil. Mix the solution well and put it into your scalp. Let this sit for 4-5 hours before rinsing it off.

Apple Cider Vinegar

This remedy is a great cleanser for your scalp. It will also help to keep your pH balance. Together these will help to accelerate your hair growth. You should dilute 75 ml with about a liter of water, if you are looking to make a lot, but you can make smaller batches with 15ml and cup of water.

After you have washed your hair you can use the solution to rinse off your hair.

DIY Egg Mask

This is used worldwide. It is used to stimulate quick and natural hair growth. Eggs are high in protein; this protein will be helpful to create new hair as well. Eggs are also Sulphur, zinc, iron, selenium, iodine, phosphorous

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