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When choosing the type of chemicals and products to use on your hair, it is of paramount importance to consider the type of your hair. We have different hair types and they all require totally different hair products and care. Some people have fine thin hair while other has thick hair. Others have curly hair while others have straight hair. Therefore you should always analyze the hair product that you are targeting to buy for use on your hair according to what is best for the type of hair that you have.

If you are careless with the products that you use on your hair, and you by mistake use the wrong product, it may lead to damaging your hair or giving you the look that you didn’t desire in the first place.

Below are the various considerations that should be taken into account for the different hair types:
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Hair that is confined can be very healthy when it is properly taken care of. But just because your hair is always slicked back into a bun doesn’t mean that you should not take your time to take proper care of it. You still want to use the right products and spend time taking care of your tresses.

Delicate Scalp

Many people have a delicate scalp. Those with a delicate scalp may have problems with dryness and so will want to wash their hair less. If you have other scalp diseases along with a delicate scalp you will want to see a dermatologist who can recommend personalized products and regime for your hair and scalp conditions.

Curly Hair

If you have curly hair there is a long list of items available for your hair type. And your curly hair can be broken down into types and sub types which will dictate what kind of products to use. Persons with curly hair should not use products that contain sulphates and silicones and so traditional hair products are a no-no for those with curly

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