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The behavior I will attempt to change is hair pulling. About ten years ago I was diagnosed with trichotillomania because I felt I couldn't control pulling out my hair from my scalp. Since the diagnosis, the actual hair pulling has fluctuated. There were some years where I almost forgot that I had this problem, and other years where I could only wear my hair up to hide bald spots. The past two years I have noticed myself pulling out my hair less and less. I hope that I can keep improving, and therefore have decided to do my assignment on this. I spent the week tracking how often I pull and locations I pulled in. I found that it is easier for me to categorize the episodes into "active" episodes (where I have made the decision to pull my hair), and "caught" episodes (where I have found myself pulling out my hair without realizing). During "caught" episodes I would either continue to pull or I would stop pulling. There are times that I don't know that I have pulled out my hair, and did not catch myself doing it, but I know…show more content…
At the end of the week, the money will go toward a Starbucks gift card that I can use to get coffee during my breaks between classes. I could punish myself by taking $2 out on days I do pull, but I know that punishment can be discouraging and stressful, which could cause me to pull more. Also reinforcement is much more powerful than punishment in behavior change. I decided on this reward system for two reasons, one because of the Premack Principle. Going to the Starbucks is something I do a few times a week anyway, and I really like the idea of putting money toward that. Another reason I decided on this reward system is because I pull my hair less when I am in public. There are times I find myself pulling my hair in public, but I am usually able to stop immediately. By studying in a coffee shop instead of my room, I am less likely to pull my

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