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LEARNING OUTCOMES On completion of this unit the student will be able to: • List the services available for straightening of hair; • Describe the tools and products for relaxing services; • Carry out relaxing services using relevant application techniques; and • Deal with problems occurring after relaxing. Introduction Today, various hair straightening services are available. It is of two types: 1. Temporary: It stays for a couple of days or until the hair wash. 2. Permanent: It stays for months and can extend for more time if taken care of. Temporary hair straightening i. Hot iron straightening: There are countless straightening appliances available in market. The one with ceramic plates and temperature control is considered to be the best as it is…show more content…
Dry the hair and trim if required. Style and complete the look. II. Applying a non-sodium chemical rearranger: Ammonium thioglycolate (thio type relaxer often called a softener, rearranger or breakdown cream) is less drastic in its action than sodium hydroxide, it softens and relaxes overly curly hair in the same manner. The steps to carry on this treatment are given below. i. Shampoo the hair to open up the cuticles using a sulphur free shampoo. ii. Detangle the hair by using fingers at first and then a wide-toothed comb. Separate the hair in two neat sections. iii. Apply straightening cream, strength as per the client’s hair, at a distance of a centimetre from the root to the tips. iv. After completing the application, cover the head with a cap. Leave it for 20 minutes. v. After the time is complete, blow dry the hair on a high heat setting. Use a round brush. Heavy smoke is released while performing this step. Advise the client for this. vi. Section the hair and use flat iron to straighten the hair. This will seal the cuticles. vii. Shampoo and condition the hair using a sulphur-free shampoo. Rinse the hair thoroughly and towel dry. viii. Dry the hair and trim if required. Style and complete the

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