Body Hair Transplant Essay

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Body Hair Transplant
In most hair transplant procedures usually, scalp hair is used for transplant. This is only possible if the patient has a good quality and amount of hair in their donor’s area which is mostly the back of the head. In cases where the patients do not have a good donors area to serve the purpose. In such cases, the hair surgeons may use hair from the body e.g. they may transplant beard hair to the head. Most patients call body hair transplant as chest hair transplant but mostly it means that the chest area is used to serve as donor area for other areas of the body that are hairless.
Although there is always a slight or unnoticeable difference in the texture & thickness of the hair extracted from the donor's areas of the body as it actually provides a
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Body hair transplant can be done using hair from the back of your head or other areas of your body.Body hair transplant procedures are way quicker and involve less time than most cosmetic surgery procedures.

•The type of anaesthesia: anaesthesia procedures help the surgeon and patient both to perform the body hair transplant procedure at ease without much hassle. Anaesthesia is of two types local and general anaesthesia, and usually, full sedation procedures will cost more than local anaesthesia. Usually, local anaesthesia is used for hair transplant surgery procedures

•Techniques: Advanced body hair transplant surgery techniques may cost more than traditional procedures.

•Additional treatments: Many patients combine one hair transplant surgery procedure with other surgical procedures like chest hair transplant etc for more comprehensive results. It is necessary to keep in mind that additional surgery costs are not included in the initial treatment
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