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INTRODUCTION A hair dresser is a person who styles, cuts or performs various tasks on the hair. Most hairdressers are licensed as a barber, hairdresser or a cosmetologist. Hair dressing is an occupation that dates back all the way to ancient Rome and Greece, where pictograms have been discovered in which persons where adorning hair with various colours, styles and jewels before and event. As the years went by hairdressers became renowned and everyone from house wives to celebrities had a hairdresser at their convenience. Hairdressing is a profession that has appealed to both male and female practitioners. While in earlier periods, male hairdressers often called barbers mainly worked with male hair and women worked with women, as we have into…show more content…
This type of injury is known as repetitive stress injury and can cause cramping, pain, numbness, stiffness and weakness in the associated muscles (Tiqaf, 2015). In the hairdressing industry this type of injury is very common since the individual has to operate a myriad of hand held tools on a daily basis. For instance curling iron, scissors, ceramic straighter and the list goes on, these tools are used more than once on several clients on a daily basis so eventually repeated movements can cause ligaments to become swollen and pain. This best control method for this situation would be firstly to use proper scissors (Ergonomically designed pair of scissors). The blades of the tool should be kept sharp at all times to minimize the amount of force needed to perform a task (National University Hospital, 2010). Trying to keep the wrists relatively straight and avoiding awkward positions that bend the wrists excessively is a very most important consideration, the swivel-thumb scissors allows the hairdresser to minimize awkward strenuous positioning of the wrist and thumb, and hence he/she would be able to do various styles and cuts without too much pain (National University Hospital, 2010). Also the individual needs to become aware of the tension in their forearms, they need to work the arms as relaxed as possible so that there is no cramps or

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