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There are various hairstyles for medium length hair that one can opt from. Thus it doesn't matter whether one has either long or short hair; hairstyles are many and varied which can suit one's tresses. In fact people living in different countries have certain varied type of hairstyles. Some of the common and popular types of hair style are:

In cute punk hair style for girls there are different style and the second famous most style is cute layered hair cut. This style is for medium length, short hair style to look dashing. It’s important that you cut hair in deep layers from chin and downwards.

Side parts your hair and combs it properly. Now divide the larger part into three sections. They needn't be equal. Twist each of these sections
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• Side-part: a hairstyle where the hair instead of being parted in the middle is parted on the side.

• Spiked: a hairstyle where hair gel, spray or wax is applied to the hair "usually daily" and spiked into a series of designs which varies from large to small.
Bob haircut is just perfect for all face types but women with round face and double chin should be careful in choosing bob haircut. A round face with double chin should avoid wearing hair volume on cheeks as this style would only add breadth to the face. There are many hairstyles for face shape and you could find a perfect haircut by doing a little research.

Crazy Permed Hairstyles

Get some texture in that hair and create your signature look. Curly hair is easier to style and maintain. By getting a hair perm, you can style any of the crazy hairstyle, without any big effort. It is a better solution than curling iron or flat iron, because you don't need to repeat it each day. Also, it is a long lasting texture that ads volume to your hair and makes it look fuller.

Edgy hairstyles are trying to adopt an attitude and express a statement. It is the easiest way to get a change and catch everyone’s attention. Don't be scare of trying some new haircuts, of going extra short or getting

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