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Imagine falling asleep and feeling bugs crawling on you or seeing a ghost or a figure of someone standing at the edge of your bed. You could Hearing a voice talking to you when you know no one else is in the room. That would be scary. 70% of people experience hallucinations when they go to sleep. That is a lot of people who have been effected by hallucinations. When they hallucinate they either hear, taste, smell or see something that is not there. When someone hallucinate there are many causes, and effects that take place in a person's life as well as people around them.
“A Hallucination is a false or distorted sensory experience that appears to be real perceptions, seen heard, felt, smelled or taste” (medical dictionary). Hallucinations have many causes and types. They experience something that is not there but feel as if its real. For example, someone might feel like bugs are crawling on them or see an image of person or a ghost. When there is actually nothing in their room. “It's an experience involving the apparent perception of something not present” (NHS Choices).
Hallucinations have many types. The first one is tactile: when they
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If they are struggling with hallucinations they need to talk to others who listen, and they need to be open to discussing their voices. Develop a relationship with them (NHS Choices). They need to understand the nature of their hallucinations, make sure they sleep better, and manage stress. The best people to get help from are psychologist or psychiatrists. The medicine that can help are Thioridazine, Haloperidol,Chlorpromazine,Clozapine or Risperidone (medical dictionary). When someone experiences hallucinations, it can affect the people around because they might have a lack of energy to do anything. Make changes in the lighting around them, try blinking rapidly a few times and get enough sleep. They can also reach out and try to touch it.(Medical

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