Essay On Hammurabi Code Of Laws

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Hammurabi was the best known and most exalted of all Mesopotamian kings. Hammurabi ruled the Babylonian Empire from 1792-50 B.C.E. As Hammurabi conquered other city-states his empire grew and he saw a need for rules and regulations. Hammurabi set a universal law for all the people. He reviewed all the laws and compiled a list of 282 laws to be abided by in all of the city-state. In those set of laws, Hammurabi wanted to ensure that the weak are protected from the strong. So were Hammurabi’s laws necessary to rule the city-state? I believe that Hammurabi’s code of law is necessary to rule his city-state because it provides order. In text 1: Hammurabi Establishes Law, Hammurabi writes these code of law so that the strong might not injure the weak, and to protect the widows and orphans. These code of law were written on a big stone tab and put in the middle of the city to remind every one of the laws they must abide by. By the command of Shamash, the great god and judge of heaven and earth, Hammurabi was told to write these set of laws so there will be order and justice. The logic of the laws is to that there is order and providing consequences for bad actions.…show more content…
For example, Law 21 says ”If a man has broken through the wall a house, they shall put him to death and pierce him, or hang him in the hole in the wall which he has made.” This makes sure that if one plans on doing robbery attempt, the consequences are very severe. For this reason, the law is made, to protect the weak (the one who got robbed) and to punish the robber because the act of robbery has very severe
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