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With Hammurabi’s Code, messing up once could end your life. His laws include getting your hands chopped off, being tied up and thrown into water, getting your eye poked out, being thrown into a fire, and having your teeth knocked out. Hammurabi was the leader of a big area and had to find some way to control all 1,000,000 people. These 282 laws were a strict but sophisticated way to behave everyone living in Babylon. When you are a ruler for 42 years, it gets hard to handle and you have got to find someway to control everyone. We will think and discuss about this question, which is determining whether Hammurabi’s Code was fair (just) or not, so throughout this essay will be details supporting whether I think his laws were fair or not. In my opinion, I think Hammurabi’s Code was fair, because you should get punished for doing something harsh to someone else, that could harm their life. The following paragraphs will be my backing up for my thinking using some of Hammurabi’s Codes. Fairness of Hammurabi’s Code can…show more content…
In Law #21 (Document D), it says “if a man breaks through a wall to rob a house, they will put him to death and pierce him, or hang him in the hole in the wall that he made.” Stealing people’s things and destroying their property is very disrespectful and shouldn’t be done. I’m sure they would get mad if someone does so to their property. Don’t do something to someone that you wouldn’t want done to you. Justice and fairness can also be seen in Law #’s 53 & 54 (Document D), it says “if a man opens a trench for irrigation and floods his neighbor’s field, the man who done so must restore the crops he caused to be lost.” These crops that people are growing might be their only source of food. Again, don’t do something you wouldn’t want someone doing to you. If your crops that you grew were your only source of food, you would want someone to restore them, or else you wouldn’t have any

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