Essay On Hand Rejuvenation

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Wrinkled hands are the tell-tale signs of age advancement. The back of the hand wrinkles faster than the face due to its low dermal lining and less collagen. We often put more efforts in making our face and neck look younger while forgetting that a wrinkled, liver-spotted hand with bulging veins and tendons is a dead giveaway of one's age.

When we rub sunscreens on the face and neck we often forget that the hands receive just the same amount of sunlight (UV ray) as the face. Therefore, leaving the hands to the ravaging of sun causes pigmentation issues and liver spot.

Fortunately, dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons can remove the tell-tale sign of aging in the hand using dermal, fillers, peels and fat grafts procedure similar to that
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It seeks to reverse the aging process by filling up the hollow and wrinkled parts with fillers and also clearing off spots by removing the surface dead cells through the use of laser treatment.

The procedure solves two main issues; by replacing lost soft-tissue mass by using dermal fillers; collagen-like substances or fat grafts from one’s body and laser technology to correct the damage caused by the sun’s UV ray.


Patients who undergo hand rejuvenation treatment mostly fall within the range of 50-80. This procedure is not ideal for pregnant or nursing mothers and those are prone to scarring. To know if you are eligible for a hand rejuvenation procedure, you should consult a certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon.
You are a candidate for hand rejuvenation procedure if;
-Your hands have age spots (liver spots); black or brown areas of increased pigmentation.
-Your hands are wrinkled and thin,
-Your hands show prominent veins and tendons due to volume loss.

There are different techniques to this procedure with each having different
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