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If the BAC level increases, alcohol’s effect also increases, and it also increases the risk of danger. A small increase in BAC can lessen coordination, makes a person feel sick, and clouds decision-making abilities. This will eventually lead to headache, wound from falls or car accidents, leave one prone to sexual attacks or other form of violence, increases the risk of unprotected and unwanted sex. Amnesia or blackouts can also happen if the BAC goes higher.
We know it is easy to drink too much alcohol beverage without thinking twice. We enjoyed drinking alcohol together with our friends, or maybe we are too deep with our thoughts that we hardly noticed that we drank too much. Sometimes, our body shows signs that we have already drank too
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Hangover is one of the signs that you have consumed too much alcohol. Most of the symptoms are caused by dehydration that includes nausea, pounding headache, feeling exhausted and…show more content…
After waking up from a wild night with too much alcohol intake, severe headache is anticipated. Below are the following measures on how to get rid of hangover headache:
a. Medicate your hangover
- Take an over-the-counter painkillers such as ibuprofen, however, this may aggravate your stomach and will cause nausea.
- Take an antacid pill for your stomach – taking an antacid can neutralize the acidity level in your stomach since alcohol intake causes high acidity level.
- Take a multivitamin pill – when drinking alcoholic beverages, you tend to lose important nutrients such as Vitamin B2 and folate that should be replaced. Taking soluble pill will get into your system faster.
b. Rehydrate yourself
- Drink plenty of water – drinking alcohol causes dehydration. The most effective way to get rid of a hangover headache is to drink more water after waking up to replace the lost liquid without upsetting your stomach.
- Drink isotonic sports drink – these drinks contain electrolytes that release energy slowly which makes you become

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