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3.3. Balance and Happiness

What is the balance between professional and private life, and the management of this balance?
And, is there a link between this balance and happiness?
It is a question of the possibilities that each one has to manage his personal desires, his family and own needs as well as his professional obligations. The people who are happy in these three areas are happy in the life.
Happiness is considered here as the subjective perception of being happy in life in general. There are three factors, related to three parts of a person's environment:
I. A personal sphere - "the interior space"
II. A private sphere - "the living space"
III. A professional sphere - "the workspace"
To manage your life and be happy, you need a positive attitude, a partner
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Managing the balance between professionalism and privacy is important to be happy

To some extent, happiness depends on the balance between work and life but, of course, other factors within the three areas mentioned above also bring happiness.
The balance between work and private life represents about 10% of happiness. So that's very important but it does not have to be considered the solution.

I. Interaction between love and work
We can conclude that a positive attitude and a good relationship with a partner who provides support are the main factors influencing the happiness and well-being of an individual. In addition, it is important to keep in mind that work also has an impact on happiness. Employers can have a significant influence in both spaces
i. Personal; for example, they can offer their employees job security through salaried positions and good feedback.
Employees will thus have the sense of control over their lives and their future, which is essential to seeing things in a positive way. This can then have a positive impact on the relationships between the employees. People who do not have to worry about the future are more capable to focus on the present and their loved

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