Life Of Pi And Happiness Essay

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Happiness is a loose concept. In terms of modern society, people define happiness in different ways. It is rather hard to for people to circumscribe the happiness and things what can make them happy. On the basis of the foregoing, what is happiness, is even harder to define in the world of animals. Animals do not express general feelings and one can not ask what they actually feel at the moment. People put emphasis on animal’s general health and on the rate of stress, that they may feel because of it. However, it can not be said for sure, whether the animal is happy because of the absence of stress. As a result, the question that has to be answered is whether the animals that are kept in zoos are happier that those who are in the wild. For people, it is a difficult question to be answered, as it is unbelievable cruelty to be kept in conditions, where one does not have any choice of what to do, eat, even when one can have everything that is needed. On the other hand, for animals things are different. For instance, domesticated animals do not know what will happen in the future, as well as all the people for today. They do not feel stressed about this point. Cow, for example, do not realize that fact that, in further, it can be killed for someones…show more content…
He claims that the necessary safety and secure that animals get in zoos is the main benefit, in contrast to the struggle that they face with in wild every day. He argues that zoos are prisons for animals. Animals do not have to fight for the territory as they do on the daily basis. They have their cages and conditions that are close to that i wild. Animals are happy to receive the certain treatment and live in presented conditions. Animals in zoos lead peaceful life and are provided with all the necessary needs. Animals are happier in zoos than in the wild, it is
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