Essay On Happy And Happy Employee

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Employees are considered as one of the most valuable assets for a company. They are the main force behind the company’s success. So happiness of employees is definitely a big factor in driving the company to meet its goals and reap the benefits. Now the question comes that does happy employees create happy customers. Well the answer is definitely yes. The employees act as the public face of the company. It is not the leaders of the company but the employees, who interact with customers & clients on a daily basis. Imagine a situation in which you work at customer care centre. The office where you work from is in a bad condition, over crowded & your manger also is very rude. The workplace is basically filled with negativity. In all this mess if you get customer complaints and you need to handle them over phone, you will definitely hate…show more content…
This will help the customers get a very best experience. An unhappy employee can become the reason to ruin the brand experience for the customers. Studies have also shown that people surrounded by happy people are more likely to be happy as well. So Good moods are contagious but same holds true for bad moods as well. So it is very important to create a positive and happy work environment for the employees so that they can give their hundred percent at work. This will only help the company to succeed and shine. If people feel good about their work, they tend to give their best at work and this is reflected in the quality of their work and also the customer feedback. If a person is not happy at work, they might not want to give their hundred percent and this will affect the customer’s experience and eventually the company’s name. Since these employees are unhappy at work they might not even show up for work quite often. Their absenteeism will definitely affect the
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