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The tragedy of May 13th, the dark past that is etched into Malaysian hearts nationwide. The tragedy was caused by misunderstandings between ethnic groups. Consequently, more than 450 houses were burnt down and 196 were killed from the incident. Every day we are bombarded with news report of ethnic wars however we forget the major lesson and that is unity lies within diversity. The May 13th tragedy had shown the importance of harmony in diversity and the aftermath if it is not nurtured and cherished. To nurture and cherish are to care, appreciate and encourage. So, now two questions stand how can harmony in diversity be nurtured and cherished? Why should harmony in diversity be nurtured and cherished? Harmony in diversity is vital to our nation’s development. Harmony is the adhesive that bonds us together. Without harmony, humanity will suffer a devastating blow due to war and riots and become a hindrance to our country. Thus, peace and prosperity will be in vain. Therefore, as a community we should unite and contribute to prevent tragedies like the May 13th incident from recurring. First and foremost, parents play a crucial role as they are the ones who will mould youths. Youths are depicted as a piece of white cloth and parents are the ones who will…show more content…
For instance, the country’s independence was gain through the unity of all races, working hand in hand as a unit. Our ancestors have settled their differences between each other through effective communication and the strong will to liberate had won our country’s rights for independence. This is impossible to be achieved if harmony is not nurtured. In contrast, if you don’t culture harmony in diversity there will be massive war and riots between ethnic groups, countless lives sacrificed, our country’s independence will seize and our country will be colonised by outsiders once

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