Essay On Haskins Mistakes

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Throughout the course of history, there are many incidents where things have gone horribly wrong. These occurrences and decisions could have been made very consciously, or just a pure accident. In the occasions that the events are done consciously, those who are in the wrong can take responsibility from their mistake as this is the only way to start learning from them. When thinking of examples of people who have made mistakes and them owning up to that mistake and learning from it, many came to my mind. However, there is one story in particular that affected many families, and has been a learning curve for many individuals, all caused by one man. This story takes place on September 16 of 2001, and this man, is named Clint Haskins.

Haskins was a kid you'd be proud to know. He received good grades, wrestled in the winter, football in the fall, handed out toys at Christmas, and even rode in homecoming parades. Clint graduated in 1998 and on a rodeo scholarship, attended the University of Wyoming. Although he was a good boy,
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He drew a sentence of 14 to 20 years at the maximum security state prison in Rawlins, Wyoming. The friends and families of seven young athletes were devastated. In an instant, their loved ones were taken from them. A mother of one of those who were lost states, "Haskins is 25 years old, he really doesn't know. He doesn't know what those of us who lost children lost. Because, he can't. He hasn't been a parent. He doesn't understand what it would be like to lose a child." At this point in Clint’s life, he had a huge choice to make. He knew that so many people had been affected by his one bad decision and this would haunt him for the rest of his life. He could chose to accept it and live in despair for the rest of his life, or he could live up to it, and be a mouthpiece for so many generations to come. He decided to take full responsibility for this huge, life changing mistake and do something about
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