Essay On Hatchet By Gary Paulson

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In the book, “ Hatchet,” by Gary Paulson is a story about survival and what is a thirteen-year-old to do when they are stranded in the middle of nowhere. The book starts with Brian knowing something that he shouldn’t, The Secret. The Secret that ruined his family. The Secret he finds out is about his mother cheating on his dad with a nameless, unfaced man. Then, he doesn 't know what to do, should he tell his dad or try to stay normal. Now because of The Secret he has to go to his father in Canada and that is what lands him in this mess. He’s in a plane with a pilot by his side that is about to have a heart attack which ends with him in a plane crash and in the middle of nowhere. Brian has to now try to survive these unfortunate happenings.…show more content…
Brian swam out to get the survival pack from the plane but dropped the hatchet he has while doing. The hatchet that helped him throughout this whole disaster. But then he became determined to get it back, he had to get it back before it was lost forever, and he did. He got it back and got the survival pack from the plane. All that was inside the survival pack all it’s riches. Brian then swam back to shore and found something that he didn’t know would be able to help him because when he pressed the button he claimed it was broken since all he heard was static. He looked through the survival pack more until he came upon food and he decided to have a feast. While he was cooking he heard a sound but ignored it and deemed it unimportant…...but then a plane landed on the lake and a pilot came out saying that it’s him the kid that was in the plane crash. To that shocking situation that Brian thought would never come, all he said was his name and if the pilot wanted something to eat. When Brian was brought back to his parents, everything went back to normal, with some differences like Brian’s mental and physical shape. Something that would never change thought is the divorce, and that Brian will never get around to telling his
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