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Hatshepsut VaLynn Transmeier Did you know that Hatshepsut was the only female pharaoh in Egypt? Hatshepsut had a lot of accomplishments during her time of ruling. She has a lot of facts about her life. Hatshepsut also made many temples. She also had some comparison with other female rulers. Hatshepsut did a lot of good things in her time of ruling. Studies have shown that Hatshepsut might have had diabetes and died from bone cancer. That would suggest that she had arthritis and bad teeth. She also has a mortuary temple. Hatshepsut had a myth about her birth. That is why Hatshepsut was an important person. Hatshepsut built a lot of temples. The Temple of Amon was a temple for the god of air and wind(Amon). She also built the Red Chapel. It is located near Thebes in Egypt. Hatshepsut built the Djeser-djeseru and when she died she was buried in it. The Temple of Deir El-Bahri was used as a Coptic monastery for people to learn from the teachings of Saint Mark. That was a summary of the temples and why Hatshepsut built them.…show more content…
Her reign was longer and prosperous. She also ruled for 20 years, that is longer than any other female pharaoh and she made trading routes to trade for trees, silk, and other things. Hatshepsut was a regent for her stepson(Thutmose III) who at the time was an infant. That is why she was a great ruler. Now do you see why Hatshepsut was such a good person. She was an important person because she did many good things. She also built temples so every Egyptian could worship their god or goddess. Hatshepsut was also a good ruler because she wasn’t selfish. If you could pick a Pharaoh 's rule to live under would it be Hatshepsut’s
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