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Fear can embrace you through the existence of ghosts in some places. The world is packed with many of haunted places that are reported most frightening. Take care when visiting these places, you should at least know that there is something strange is happening there. In this article, we offer you a list of the top ten most famous haunted places all over the world. 10- The Tower of London, England Tower of London is deemed as one of the most haunted places in England. It was built in 1078 by William the Conqueror. There have been many records of the paranormal at the Tower of London. The most well-known of all the spirits that live in the tower is Anne Boleyn, the wife of King Henry VIII. Anne was beheaded in 1536, and her body has been reported…show more content…
German commands are heard at the night. Soldiers who have been in museum have reported hearing a woman speaking backwards, it is not obvious whether it is in English or German. 5- Lawang Sewu, Indonesia Lawang Sewu was built in 1917. During World War II Indonesia was occupied by the Japanese. The basement of B building was made use of as a prison, where people were tortured. Lawang Sewu is thought to be a haunted place in Indonesia, with many tourists visiting the gorgeous building to with a bit of luck see the paranormal. The most popular spirit is the Dutch woman. She may have committed suicide. Headless spirits are famous to walk in its corridors, and the underground room in B building is thought to be haunted by a kuntilanak. 4- Island of the Dolls, Mexico The island La Isla de la Munecas is one of the haunted places. In the 1950s, Julian Santan Barrera moved to the island, he was ignorant of the condition of the place. It is said that three young girls were playing in the place in the 1920s, when one of the then drowned in the dark waters. The girls’ spirit has been not capable to depart the island. Julian maintained that once he moved on the island a little girl began talking to

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