Essay On Hawaiian People Restitution

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The Hawaiian people should be getting restitution for their losses, not the state. A law requires the state to collect money for rent on Mauna Kea and according to they state that a night in an observatory can go up to $80,000 a night. The state should be receiving around $80,000 dollars a night per observatory; but the ones receiving the money from these nights are the observatories themselves which means the state gets nothing but the rent. It is very disrespectful that we are losing our lands, or in the Hawaiian culture, losing our connection to the gods without our consent. We need some type of restitution to help make our losses a little bit easier to handle; because right now it is a double loss for the Hawaiian people. We are…show more content…
This idea was a big change from one dollar to millions of dollars but she is right, it would be a great alternative for the state of Hawaii and the Hawaiian people because then we would receive some type of restitution. says if this idea of rent being $45 - $50 million per year was installed long ago, we would be have roughly around $500,000,000 from the past 10 years for the state to use. This money could be used to help pave roads, create recreational centers for communities, build libraries, fund schools better, etc; with $500,000,000 dollars the whole entire state of Hawaii benefits from Mauna Kea. In other words if the Hawaiians take one for the team (allow telescopes to be built on top of Mauna Kea) then everybody such as the scientific community and the people of the state of Hawaii get benefits. Another way says the money could be used for is that it could fund the University of Hilo’s whole budget. Either way changing the renting situation would be the best bet to get the Hawaiian people their restitution needed for their sacred lands being desecrated for others
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