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HEALTH AND SAFETY FETAC LEVEL 5 “HAZARDS IN THE HEALTHCARE WORKPLACE” SUBMITTED BY: John Lloyd Roldan SUBMITTED TO: CELINE LOWRY HAZARD IN HEALTHCARE WORKPLACE Introduction In every place we go we will encounter the existents of hazards, especially in every workplace (particularly in the healthcare settings). Many can be easily identified, yet there are still many hazards that unnoticeable and may generate a life threatening or long term health problem. Each worker needs to be aware about prospective hazards around their work environment and have the right to not accept the work that they know it is hazardous and may affect them. On the other hand, employers are held accountable to protect their workers against health and safety hazards at their workplace. For each worker, they can protect themselves by recognizing and preventing hazards in their workplace. According to the Health and Safety Authority (HSA), Hazards in health care and community care are assessed under classification of physical, biological, chemical, and human factor hazards. Hazard Management In our everyday life we come…show more content…
things maybe aren’t perceived as hazards (HEU, 2014). The noise, vibration, and heat are commonly known as physical hazards. Almost all healthcare settings have these kinds of hazards. Other kinds of physical hazards in healthcare workplace such as x-ray, lasers, and other kind that forms radiation used on patients may affect workers in harmful way if it is not well controlled (SafeWork SA, 2007). Physical hazards may also include the manual handling activities which involves lifting heavy, delicate, and hard to reach loads. There are numbers of different types of hazards and some of the most common physical hazards are: slips, trips and falls, excessive noise, and inadequate lighting (HSA,

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