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Pitchaporn A
The Haze pollution in ASEAN, why is it so hard to fix this problem?
In June 2013 the haze pollution in ASEAN, especially on Sumatra Island in Indonesia have become a big issue over the last decade, since it’s effected sovereignty in a very large scale. The Pollution Standards index (PSI) recorded in Singapore, measured over 400 points which is above the safe health standard level and also it’s the highest history record collected in Singapore. At this level, it is very dangerous to people’s health and turn to serious instruction from Government of Singapore to the Singaporean to stay inside their building. The instruction to protect people from Haze was also launched by Malaysian government as an emergency situation. All of school
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Firstly, ASEAN have their own political culture that the outsider has trouble to understand, especially the Western. ASEAN have something call ‘Non-interference policy’ which is a very unique style of ASEAN, non-interference policy is basically not evolving and interfering in ASEAN members domestic problems with an exceptional rules, such as the transboundary problem; the haze pollution problems. Non-interference policy needs to be flexible, ASEAN is trying to make it more official diplomacy. The overview of the RHAP plan is just a briefly commitment with no law enforcement. It’s depend on each country whether they want to follow it or not. Until 2002 when the ‘Transboundary Haze Pollution’ agreement had been effective and enforcing by law, demanding each country to share the internal information. Which meaning that,Indonesia has to report their information to others countries like Singapore, Malaysia. If you look on the other hand, this meaning that Indonesia have to loss some of their sovereignty to fix the internal problems. Because once you’ve share that information there will be a comments, critics and analysis from the outsider judging Indonesia’s ways of solving the
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