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Hi this is Anna Mudry & welcome to another edition of Campus Updates where we will look at the newest issues around college campuses from the perspective of students.
In this podcast, I will be looking at hazing specifically in college fraternities and how it affects all communities from college students themselves to their families at home.
In today’s society, there is a growing number of reported cases in college fraternities of hazing in the pledging process from the higher level members. Hazing is a problem for universities because it creates an unsafe environment for students and can eliminate the sole purpose of clubs which is to create unity and family. I know firsthand that people’s lives can be turned upside down from hazing
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But also, hazing can be much more severe such as including alcohol and drinking games which can ultimately lead to hazing being murder.
After researching for current hazing data, according to, more than half of college students who participate in clubs and organizations experience hazing, and 25%, students believed that the supervisor was aware the hazing was occuring. These statistics prove to be very shocking and I do not believe that what is being done to prevent hazing is effective enough to prevent the emotions and feelings that arise when hazing is taken to the most severe form, taking a life.
Mrs. Rae Ann Gruver, mother to Max Gruver a student at Louisiana State University who was hazed to death last semester in September was asked if she thinks Max’s death was a murder and responded with “Yes, I believe so.” In his case, ten people were charged with hazing charges and one suspect facing a charge of negligent homicide. Having been forced to participate in a drinking game called Bible Study, Max was forced to drink 190 proof liquor at a faster rate than any of the other pledges and a series of other activities which were more severe than others had to go
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