Essay On Head Injury

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Athletes with a concussion should sit out longer to let the brain fully heal itself. Some athletes have to take more time to heal from a head injury, depending on how serious the injury is. After receiving the first concussion or another head injury, the risk of receiving another is higher than the first. Did you know, that approximately ten percent of athletes take more than seven days of rest after receiving a head injury of some kind? As stated in excerpt one, protective gear only reduce the risk of injuring the head. Even though, the protective gear lowers the risk, an athlete still can injure the head, but they still need to sit out until the coach tells them it 's okay to play again. As stated in excerpt three, an athlete who sustains a second concussion, the risk of permanent brain damage increases significantly and the symptoms are worse than the first time. If the athlete with the first sustained concussion or head injury, he or she should stay off the playing field longer than seven days. The athlete…show more content…
What it this claim means is, the handicap athletes want to keep playing and not have to lose the dream of continuing to play the sport they adore. Sometimes, the athletes think the symptoms of their head injury won 't worsen after the first time. Those who want to keep playing, often don 't realize that the effects of a second head injury could possibly lead to death. It is important that athletes with any head injury stay off the playing field for a long duration of time. Even though, doctors may diagnose the wrong problem with an athletes head, he or she needs to stay away from playing for more than just seven days. Any type of head injury has a risk of death, memory loss, or permanent damage to the body, making them paralyzed. If the second time an athlete sustains a head injury, those risks are higher than the fist
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