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How do you choose the best headlamp for you?

If you are planning your next hiking or backpacking trip, you need to put a headlamp on your packing list. A headlamp is one of those things that most people don't think about until it's really needed, and then you are usually stuck with a flashlight in your mouth while trying to do something in the dark. I first needed one when I started biking and running at night.

In order to ride or run at night, you will need a light that is higher than your waist or handlebars in order to see and to be seen. While camping, handsfree can mean the difference between being able to cook or pitch a tent quickly and easily, or trying to do all of your work one-handed. Just ask the guy who is solo camping and trying to make camp for the night or the
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If it rains, or the lamp is dropped, it needs to be able to work. Depending on the situation, a working light can be the difference between safety and disaster.
There are many options from water resistant (able to resist light rain and snow) to waterproof ( can take a full dunking) and the higher the IPX rating(ruggedness rating) the more abuse it can take. At the very least, your lamp should be dustproof and able to take a rainstorm.


Every lamp is different for battery and battery life. How long do you need it to last at full output? If you are a cold weather camper/hiker, lithium ion may be your best bet as they hold a charge longer in cold weather. Alkalines hold a charge longer. When you need all night run time at full power, consider taking extra batteries or opt for a device with a longer run time. If you are using a non-rechargeable device, get a device that takes the same size batteries as all your other devices. There are now even solar options available, but they are still on the pricey
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