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Health Benefits of Potatoes
Potato, otherwise known as solanum tuberosum. It is an edible tuber from the nightshade family. Potatoes are native to Peru, Bolivia and Andes. Potatoes are widely consumed and has gained much popularity over the centuries. In this generation, potatoes are used in several dishes in different forms. They can be either be cooked, fried, mashed, or baked.
Potatoes are very nutritious and contains ample amount of nutrients. The nutritional values of potatoes enables them to have some numbers of health benefits.
Nutrients in Potatoes
Potatoes are loaded with carbs and calories, need no argument. Everyone knows this. But, these are not the only essential nutrients found in potatoes. They also contain vitamins, minerals and compounds. Potatoes have high potassium content, which is found mostly in their skin and beneath the skin. This is why it is good to consume potatoes with the skin. They also have calcium, phosphorus and iron in adequate amount.
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Each of them contains about 80 percent water. Also, potatoes have abundance of vitamin C, a normal amount of vitamins A, B and P. In addition, potatoes have natural starch. To get more of the nutrients in potatoes, eat the skin or lightly peel off the skin.

Types of Potatoes
There are six major types of potatoes. Namely;
Purple- good for microwaving. They also make a great addition to salads.
Red potatoes- they have red skins with waxy texture. They are good for cooking.
Russet potatoes- good for baking, frying and mashing. They are the most common of all.
White potatoes- great for salads. Thy are delicate but have good texture.
Yellow potatoes- good for grilling. They have golden skin.
Fingerling potatoes- they resemble fingers, they are small and narrow.

What are the Health Benefits of Potatoes
Potatoes are loaded with dietary fiber an this adds to some the health benefits of eating potatoes. Eating potatoes can benefits the health in the following

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