Essay On Health Care Cost

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Health care cost has seen to increase gradually as years go by. This has been influenced by major factors such as political influence, emerging chronic diseases, new procedures that are coming up including the technologies being invented for treating illnesses, pricing of medicines and treatment is not regulated and when treating ailment their may arise repetition of tests or a patient gets over treated for a particular ailment. The cost of healthcare has increased due to chronic diseases such as cancer and diabetes etc. The lifestyle people are living in this generation has led to the development of diseases that are expensive to treat or has led to there being over treatment in such for a cure of a particular ailment. With this in mind, the process of getting treatment on such chronic diseases has led to increases on the cost of health care on individuals affected. Another factor that has led to the increase in cost of health care is the emerging of new procedures, drugs and technology that are coming up for treating diseases. When new procedures, drugs and technology are introduced to the health industry, there is usually monopoly of medical products in the market thus there being a demand for these products thus, an increase to the health care cost. One of the…show more content…
This is so because, universal access to health will really do good to the world and it is a Necessity in order to reduce the level of discrimination experienced in terms of finances . Universal access to health will ensure that there will be access to equitable quality health care and will also give security to those who are financially incapable at the present to afford quality health care die to their financial status. Although this may be the case in the future, there will face challenges especially in implementing the regulations that would be set up in order to enable equal distribution of medical resource and
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