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Healthcare differences or disparities refer to the condition or state of unequal, unlikeness, and disproportion that is observed between people within a society with regard to access to healthcare services (Williams & Torrens, 2011). Such differences are caused by different demographics such as economic status, age, gender, color, and ethnicity. In the United States, such disparities have been witnessed since time immemorial. These differences mean that some people within the country do not have access to quality healthcare services whereas others have full access at all times. Some of these differences in access to healthcare in the country are discussed below. The first difference is the inequality in the quality of medical services that are offered. Such variations in services means that certain individuals can access better healthcare services whereas others have access to only low-quality services. An example is that minority groups are more likely to be diagnosed with late-stage cancers than whites. This is evidence that they are offered lower quality care. The social and economic position of the patient or client also determines the level of access to medical care. People from poor backgrounds have less access to healthcare services than individuals from affluent…show more content…
Racial differences play a huge role in the access of health care services for Americans. It is perceived that whites are more likely to access quality services than ethnic minority groups in the country. The racial groups that are perceived to have limited access to healthcare services include the black community and Hispanics across the United States (White & Chanoff, 2011). Geographical factors also determine the level of access to health services since some regions have fewer medical resources than

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