The Importance Of Health Care

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What is usually thought to be delivered when we say: “health care”? People understand it as medicines and hospital services such as diagnostic test or physician office visits. We rarely think about basic necessities like housing, heat or food as a part of it. It is usually not included in the “health care” concept even if the lack of it leads to illness. Why does the perception of the health system look like this almost all over the world? Are we afraid to ask questions and have expectations about our health care system?

Health is affected by our everyday living conditions, environments and habits. It is affected to a significant degree by social status, usually measured in terms of income and level of education. Of course our personal daily
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Rebbeca Onie from the Health Leads said in her TED Talk that we have a sick-care system instead of the healthcare one because of the reality where doctors fail to prescribe solutions to improve health, instead they just manage disease. 5. My project is intended to open a discussion on that topic. Why can’t doctors prescribe what patients really need, if keeping them healthy is the higher purpose? What would happen if we could give doctors the power to engage in the social aspects of their patients’ lives? I manifested the idea by designing packaging for resources that could improve health and prevent diseases but that are not drugs. Nutritious food, heat for winter, drinking water and other basic resources that could be prescribed by physicians the same way they prescribe drugs. I put them in a medical visual identity to give them authority and power that this kind of packaging project. My view is that it creates a contrast in the perception of power of these basic necessities. Dialog with a patient is key to get significant information about his/her living conditions, that is why I designed an interview checklist that also serves as a patient’s medical screening record. It takes only two minutes to collect basic, yet crucial information that could be an effective starting point to carry out help and treatment with a different…show more content…
New delivery models are being created based on more expansive definitions of product, provider and place. Health Leads cooperate with clinics and student volunteers, and case by case improve social conditions of people visiting the doctor’s office. PACT supplements medical care with additional antipoverty services, like social support and harm reduction services in HIV patient’s homes and communities 6. Västra Götaland region opened the Gröna Rehab programme where doctors can “prescribe” contact with nature as treatment for patients with stress-related illness or depression. 8. As you can see health care organizations are starting to expand the scope of action, even to examine patients’ pantries and fridges to help them identify ways of eating in a healthy and affordable way. Health providers are starting to have the same understanding of patients’ social needs as they do of their clinical needs and learn how to collect that
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