Essay On Health Safety

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As service providers it is important to provide secure, healthy and safe environment for the service users, yourself and colleagues. There are many methods on how to implement precautions by taking considerations on the users and the effects it might have on them. As practitioners it is vital to consider when to carryout safety measures that will help in accident prevention. Understanding various legislations will therefore, help one to safeguard their users and ways they can be improved.
There many laws and legislations when dealing with health safety. The acts lay down wide range of principles through the code of practice. The objective of the act is to ensure the welfare of the employers, service users and employees as
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Organizational responsibilities will include monitoring and evaluation of processes, inspection, auditing and management of the structure. Managers and employers have the responsibility of ensuring that each member of staff understands and executes their obligations towards health and safety. They also put strategies and guidelines that the workers can follow in achieving safety at work.
Social workers on the other hand have responsibilities that pertain to the maintenance of all the important care procedures. Their responsibilities include other things like making sure all activities are done safely using the appropriate equipment’s or materials.
The effectiveness of safety and health practices in promoting positive, healthy and safe environment is important. Activities like hand washing after work in health care workplaces is important to reduce the risk of infections. Organizations should also disinfect workplaces regularly to minimize the risk of infections hence protecting their staff and service users. Health centers should also have digitalized record keeping technology that will enhance fast acquisition of information when need arises. Advanced technology also helps in proper exchange of information between staff, service users and the managers. This will employ the use of different media and enforce their installation within the
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