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Most of the diseases can be prevented if there was an early screening that was established. One of the best ways to deter any disease is by screening. As a result, screening is an important component of clinical preventive services because it is a valuable tool for healthcare professionals to identify anyone who is at risk to develop chronic disease before the condition becomes both deadly and costly. To alter any disease from its progression, a method of prevention to be established which can be done by a creating a screen methodology. Creating a Health Screening Initiative in today health is an important issue to prevent disease apparition. One of the goals in creating a health screening initiative is to identify the cause and the risk factors of any disease that can cause a financial burdens and decrease the quality of life. Reason of Choosing the Topic of Screening There are many diseases that are affecting people’s lives like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, sexual transmission diseases all types, psychiatric disorders, and much more. The disease that is selected to create a health screening initiative is diabetes. Diabetes is a disease that can…show more content…
First, it would be important to know the sensitivity of many people who are at risk to develop this disorder. Second, the specificity of how many people who are being affected by diabetes in order to start the treatment and to prevent more complications. This could be considered as the most difficult level because not everyone will be complied with the screening process. Next, other aspect that can be affected the screening outcomes is the implications of false negative and false positive results which are inevitable given to the people that have been screening. Last, screening is costly effective. If there are not enough funds are available, the community may not be reach

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