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9 Healthy Beauty Habits you probably didn’t realize
Do not be blinded by what a beauty product does to improve your skin problems. You should consider the effect on all products upon your skin since some have long term effect. You can be enjoying a smooth beautiful skin free from wrinkles not knowing that the product is capable of causing skin cancer in the long run. Creams and other beauty products leave germs on your hands hence you can contaminate foods or even fruits once you do not clean your hands after application. Some daily practices such as addiction is not healthy for the skin since they reduce the beauty slowly by slowly decreasing also the general health. Some of the daily practices that are not healthy and affect the skin and beauty are: Chewing of
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Rehydrate your skin
To maintain a hydrated skin you have to drink lots of water .Take over 2 liters of water in a day. If you take alcohol it is good to know that it is not healthy for your skin. Avoid also taking sodas and smoking since they cause skin dryness. A hydrated skin is free from acne wrinkles and breakouts. If you find it hard to take two liters of plain water try taking warm water with fresh lemon juice.
6. Protect the skin from sun
The sun emits dangerous UV rays that destroy the skin by causing sun burns and cause skin cancer in the long run. The sun also causes breakouts and uneven skin tone. In order to protect the skin you can wear a wide hut that covers all the face causing shade over even the ears and the neck. You can also use creams such as Pura Bella which is one of the best beauty products. This beauty product prevents the skin from all sun damages making it look healthy and beautiful.
7. Wash skin with gentle cleansers
Use mild soaps that do not harm the skin. The skin is so sensitive and once you use cleansers with harsh chemicals and alcohol which harm the skin. Gentle cleansers ensure healing of break outs sunburns and dry skin.
8. Go for overall body

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