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The purpose of this essay is to propose and justify the potential effectiveness of a personal health strategy designed to develop and maintain a healthy body image now and into the future. In society, unrealistic body ideals are promoted. It is difficult to avoid comparing unrealistic standards to oneself. As an outcome, many people may experience anger, anxiety, depression and even self-loathing. Social justice is a concept of fair and just relations between the individual and society. The social justice issue underlying body image is how the media is misleading society into believing there is a such a thing as an ideal body. The biological body has been driven by genetics and “human nature”, but the meanings we as a society apply to the body…show more content…
My strategy uses the Ottawa Action Area developing personal skills and knowledge. It informs people on how to identify an eating disorder and it also helps them improve and maintain a positive body image, through proper exercise and nutrition. Cultural values, attitudes and beliefs may be the barriers and enablers to the success of my strategies. Culture has a significant impact on how we feel about our bodies. Depending on the culture and overall emphasis of traditions involved, a person may find their surroundings either conducive to or resistant to the building of a healthy body image and self-esteem. Looking at magazines of thin celebrities or spending time with friends who are constantly talking about their bodies and how they lose weight is not going to help you think of your own body positively. The way my strategy is approached may be with a negative mindset since having a positive body image does not happen overnight. To avoid the barriers in my strategy, (Papatheodorou. C 2012) instead of surrounding yourself with images and talk of negative body image, use that time to try a new exercise class or cook a healthy meal with a friend. By spending more time doing the healthy, fun activities you love and less time obsessing over your body, you are well on your way to having a healthier body

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