Advantages And Disadvantages Of Healthy Cravings

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“Healthy cravings” will sell delicious low fat and fat free food to people who are diet conscious. The meals that we will provide will be steamed and baked oil free food but still containing heaps of flavor. We will provide full meal that will make your hunger go away by staying healthy at the same time. We cater healthy diet meals that have been approved by top nutritionists.
Target market
Our target market includes all the people from youngsters to middle aged persons who are overweight or diet conscious.

Why “Healthy Cravings”?
Now a day’s restaurants business is rapidly growing, people like to hang out with their family and friends and enjoy. But some people get conscious when it comes to eating heavy fried meals. “Healthy
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Now a day’s people are pretty much aware of the disadvantages of fast food and non-healthy food. Alot of people are concerned about their diet and are watching out their weight. The trends have changed and there are people who want to build up their muscles and cut the fat out. Such people find it really hard to eat something when they go out to restaurants because all the dishes have unhealthy ingredients or a lot of calories which do not match their diet plan. Sometimes they might skip a meal when out with their family or friends but they can’t do it every time. Our restaurants disappoint the people on diet and discourage them and instead of helping them achieve their goal, their food rich in fat and cheese makes them helpless and of course it is so tempting that they can’t help it, rather than munching those fats and…show more content…
This kind of business idea or service has never been introduced before in the market place. Our food industry and market is deprived of such a service. By introducing this service it sure will fill a gap in the market place and the misconception that people on diet cant anything will be changed. It will in fact introduce people to healthy and diet food. And it will grab other consumers also. Who doesn’t want to look good and slim? And on top of that who doesn’t want a healthy readymade food and that too full of taste but healthy and delicious. This business idea might also grab the customers of other restaurants and break their customers as well. Fat, overweight people will get motivated to lose their weight easily and they wouldn’t have to stay hungry any more, they can eat up their low calorie food. This will serve the need of both overweight people and also the ones trying to build up their dream body and help maintaining it.
• Is this a good time to introduce the product or service to the market?
This sure is the ideal time to introduce the service to the market because we will have no competitors and no such service is available already to cater the needs of people on diet. No such food service or chain has ever been introduced before. This is the ideal time to gain a place and an image in the market place and target the customers and win their hearts.
• Are there any fatal flaws in the product or service’s basic

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