Fad Diet Research Paper

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Tips for Healthy Dieting. Avoid Fad diets or also known as “pitfall diets” are diets that offer short-term weight loss methods that are meant to fail. Many people unfortunately fall for these diets. Often they are overweight people that are so desperate to lose weight they try all kinds of weight-loss plans without really doing any research on them first. Before you start any diet plan you should make sure that it is well balanced and safe and will result in long-term weight-loss. Diets that are fad diets are unhealthy and unrealistic. They cause the person to feel deprived because they remove an entire food group in the diet, such as carbohydrates or fats. A proper reducing diet will be balanced and contain a variety of foods. Fad diets only show to be effective in the beginning. Their restrictions require that you must eliminate certain foods to extremely reduce your overall calorie intake. Once the weight-loss program of deprivation of certain foods is over it will only make you crave for more foods. Resulting in weight gain and serious health problems. There is short-term diets that offer expensive products such as ready-made meals and special shakes and juices. Not only is this very pricey, but they are very impractical for the long term. Often a lot of these special products can lead to nutrient deficiencies. You must learn to be mindful of…show more content…
Basically mindful eating means that you are paying attention to what you are consuming and focusing on the eating experience. It does not allow eating while doing other activities such as working, watching TV, reading etc. Mindless eating occurs when we are eating while we are busy with other activities, this can often lead to excessive eating without even realizing it. With mindful eating concentration on the eating experience is required to help prevent overeating, because a person will be more aware of their satiety. This is an important strategy for people with BED to
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