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What is healthy eating? Ask anyone and their answer will be much different from that of a doctor or nutritionist. Most people respond with a simple, “Not eating junk and sugary foods or going on a specific diet.” However, others may give an in-depth answer to the true meaning of health and a healthy lifestyle. Healthy all-natural foods are an essential for feeding a healthy body. Many people today don’t understand the importance and nutritional value of natural unborn foods on the body and its external part. They also don’t realize what they are really eating. When the body is fed with pure and natural foods, then the external health of the body such as the hair and skin is maintained properly and efficiently. Thus, pure and natural foods…show more content…
These foods that they are feeding themselves with can cause many problems to their bodies especially their hair and skin. When signs of aging start to appear, most women tend to move towards plastic surgery, Botox and many harmful unnatural procedures to reverse the aging process. According to, About 55 percent of the GCC people who got plastic surgery in 2015 were women from KSA (SERTIN, 2015, p.1). But, many nutritionists have found more efficient and healthier ways to maintain a healthy outer body beauty. One of the ways is feeding the body from the inside with pure nutritional foods. This will help slow down the aging process and keep the hair in its healthiest state. Carla Davis a nutrition specialist discussed her journey of maintaining a healthy external body and appearance. She stated that “While there are no overnight miracles you won’t find them in food or beauty products. There is a direct link between what you eat and your appearance. Eating for beauty is the most powerful tool in your beauty kit and should be the foundation of 80% of your meals.” (Davis, 2017, p.1) Carla Davis has explained through her words that a person can have a healthy external appearance through what they eat although the results are not instant or

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