Essay On Healthy Eating Principles

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Healthy Eating Principles
Why is it vital to have healthy foodstuff?
For most people, eating is one of the life’s greatest pleasures; however, the foods we pick to put in our diets are extremely important for many reasons.
Healthy eating from an early age encourages healthy eating habits, and will ensure that the high nutrient requirements for growth during childhood and adolescence are met.
Studies also indicate that consuming a healthy diet from early childhood can considerably lessen the risks of developing diseases in later life.
The consumption of a healthy diet in grownups is also necessary to provide the level of nutrients required to protect and keep our bodies to function properly and to safeguard us against diseases and illnesses.
No single food can
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Too much saturated fat results in the high amount of cholesterol in the blood, in turn, increases the risk factor of heart diseases; and the regular consumption of foods and drinks saturated with sugar increases the threat of obesity and tooth deterioration.

Evade calorie-void foods and beverages!
Foods and beverages, such as pre-packed baked goods and sodas with sugar, are jam-packed with no calories to begin with. Others, like bread baked from refined flour, their nutrients and fibers during processing are stripped of its nutritional value. But never take it for granted that food labeled “gluten free” are certainly healthy. Many are high in fat, sodium and sugar. Make sure that you read the nutrition values and the ingredients listed on all pre-packed foods before purchasing. Never make the mistake that taking vitamin and mineral supplements will compensate a natural, healthy whole-foods diet.

Stop counting!
Don’t fuss over a few calories. Keeping track every single calorie or pondering over a gram of protein, carbohydrate, or fat, and deliberating over your food to the ounce, is not constructive to a pleasant lifestyle.

The basic principles of healthy

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