Exemplification Essay: Relationship Between Healthy Food And The Body

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The relationship between the healthy food and the body About 80 % to 90 % of the doctors say that eating breakfast helps the person live healthy and happy life. Breakfast is a meal that breaks down the fasting from long period and start working again. There are many kinds of breakfast like heavy breakfast that contain bread, cheese, juice, eggs or a healthy breakfast that contain cereals with milk or one kind of any fruit like apple, banana, or any other kinds that helps the brain works after a sleeping period, but even that if the person eat heavy or healthy breakfast it have few benefits. Eating healthy meal in the morning is important for three reasons. First of all, breakfast have benefits of thinking process. Eating breakfast gives the body the needed fuel to work hard or concentrate at study or even gives power after a period of fasting time. The body is like the machine, it needs to fuel to start working and without this fuel the machine will not work, likewise the brain system, if there are no food that helps it to work it will not work correctly and the person will feel tired when works hard or even study, and that will reflect at the person jobs and for the students it reflect at their marks and the ability of learning. Second reason of agreeing the breakfast is long term health. Breakfast is rich in…show more content…
The reason is no time to eat breakfast. Many people wake up late, and they don’t have time to eat breakfast or they don’t feel that they can eat till 10 or 11 at morning. For example the employees that want to take their children to their schools can’t be late and must finish these important delivers and to not be late at their works, so instead of wake up early and eat breakfast they depend on a cup of tea or coffee in the

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