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How to Maintain Healthy Kidneys Naturally - Kidney function is to filter the blood of impurities and excess water, and then making it the urine. The kidney also serves to help control our blood pressure and produce the hormones needed by the body to keep it healthy. When the kidneys are damaged and disrupted, the dirt and substances other useless will accumulate in the body, and result in many health disorders.

The human body has two kidneys, shaped like a bean and its size is approximately as big as fists. To cleanse the blood of impurities, the kidneys release three important hormones:
Erythropoietin (EPO), which stimulates the bone marrow to produce red blood cells.
Renin, which serves to regulate blood pressure.
Calcitriol, the active form that is of Vitamin D, which helps substantiate the calcium for bones and maintaining the balance of
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Tips For Maintaining Healthy Kidneys

Maintaining the health of the kidney is very important, given its function which is very vital to the body 's health in General. Here are tips that can help to make the kidneys stay healthy, especially when you have a risk of experiencing kidney disease:

1. Exercising Regularly

Maintain kidney health is the main thing with regular exercise. The benefits of sports in addition to keep endurance and body fitness, it also can help the health of important internal organs function, such as the lungs, heart, and kidneys. Many studies prove that exercise really help the formation of urine become more smoothly and not obstructed. If you are a regular exercise, surely there is no problem with your kidney health.

2. Much Drinking Water

Nearly 70 percent of our body needs water and by keeping the white water intake 8 glasses per day will help maintain balance in the body. With white water to reproduce, the kidney will work better because the disposals of urine into the kidney become performance smoothly and not heavy.

3. Avoid

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